This summer marked the creation of our first lifestyle collection, inspired by Bohemian style and shot in some of Vancouver’s most iconic locations.

Of all seasons, summer arrives with a burst of color, warmth…light and the promise of something pure. It’s a silent, ever present whisper from cool grass, sandy beaches and firefly evenings that calls us out of our four walls and out of ourselves. As we emerge we seek to present not just our best selves, but our truest selves…free and to seize the moments in all their Bohemian glory.

To live Bohemian is to be authentically natural. Purposely airy clothing, natural fabrics…makeup that channels the earth, sea and sky and hair that is composed, yet care-free. In style, we present three variations of this theme as we explore the best of summer in Vancouver.

Join us on a tour of Vancouver, from Stanley Park to Gastown with our 3 models who are indulging in the joy of summer.

Models: Stephanie, Julia and Maraya
Hair by: Leonardo Redavid

Bohemian style, as it was originally called, was always a fashion style linked with relaxed and original hairstyles, clothes and accessories. It was a ‘natural’ look even before natural, rural themes became a major trend in our eco-aware century! Based originally on the traditional styles of Bohemian village-women, Boho hairstyles and fashion clothes have become a favorite amongst 21st century women of all ages.


Ebony Gypsy

While blondes are traditionally the shades of summer, dark hair can be so striking with loads of added shine. For Stephanie, we played up the natural flow of her long hair by added in soft and loose barrel curls with Orchid Oil® Dual Therapy® and Volumizer. We finished with a little Max Hold hairspray to hold the wave with the length of her hair.

~ Leonardo Redavid



Amber Waves

The trick with fine blond hair is to give it some depth and body, but also you want it casual and not too overdone. I shampooed Julia with Orchid Oil® Shampoo and Conditioner before massaging in some Orchid Oil® Dual Therapy®. I finished with Volumizer and Working Spray, giving her bendy, loose waves by rolling it with a flat iron.

~ Leonardo Redavid



Caramel Curls

I love that texture has come back. Natural curls, when amplified, create some depth & drama...and SO much personality. With Maraya I simply let the curls and natural direction of her texture guide the styling. After applying Cedarwood® Leave-In Conditioner, I finger combed in some Orchid Oil® Curl Defining Creme and scrunched it in. To finish, I just used some Working Spray.

~ Leonardo Redavid