Leonardo Redavid's Journey

Family, Love & Hair

Over a decade ago, Leonardo Redavid distilled a lifetime of knowledge in hair and poured it into a bottle. His namesake became not just a promise of education matters…but of care and styling tools that ROCK behind the chair and at home.

Created behind the chair and not in a boardroom, REDAVID is a promise of something better. Something unique. Top shelf-ingredients and a brand that is authentically Canadian, made in British Columbia.

Over 10 years later, Leonardo Redavid still touches almost every single bottle, canister or jar that makes it's way out of our labs to you. For all that is changed, for how much we've grown, the foundations on which REDAVID were built are as humble as they are honest: a father, a son and a whole lot of love for hair.

“When you think of the best haircare products, you think Paris, you think Italy, you think Spain. I want people to think of Vancouver.”

~ Marco Redavid



REDAVID Core Line created, worked with leading cosmetic chemist.


The “Rise of Hair Oils”, but REDAVID looked to plant oils as opposed to nut oils.


Perfected, REDAVID launched at Leonardo’s 8 chair salon, selling $5,000 in retail a month!


Securing investor backing, REDAVID repackaged and sold salon direct throughout B.C.


Guerrilla marketing campaign in downtown B.C. with street makeovers filmed & broadcast.


Launched with first beauty supply distributors, selling REDAVID in all western Canadian provinces


New styling products added based on demand & feedback (hairspray, pomade, etc.)


REDAVID commits to social media advertising campaigns and growth of fan base.

Q1: 2017

New packaging launch and launch of a new orchid oil based collection for curly, kinky, wavy & damaged hair.

Q2: 2017

Cosmoprof North America launch, signing with Dawson & Associates. Signing with Talk Shop PR agency.


"Over 40 years ago, my Dad, Leonardo Redavid was working up north in construction...

“It was 30 below, with the wind whipping in his face and his hands raw. Although he had a strong desire to work with his hands, what drew his eye was never materials…but people. Where many see what is, he looked at people and saw what could be. All too often with friends & family…his hands would find their way to hair. On that frigid day, he put down his cold tools and told his supervisor he was done. When the man asked him how he intended to support himself, my Dad replied that he was going to be a hairdresser. The man laughed in his face."

When the man asked him how he intended to support himself, my Dad replied that he was going to be a hairdresser. The man laughed in his face.

"Many seasons have passed since then, and today Leonardo Redavid has done more than become a hairdresser. His hands worked to create products that you clearly love, designed to give your clients hair that is healthy and style that stuns. You, like my Dad, work with your hands as well…but while many people hear the calling to hairdressing, you have demonstrated the ability to create from the heart. We have seen what you create and the clients whose lives you touch every day…delivering on that unspoken promise all hairdressers whisper: you ARE beautiful.”

~ Marco Redavid

Leonardo Redavid & son, Marco

Leonardo Redavid was born in a little town called Torre a Mari, Italy. Aftering moving to Canada when he was 14, he had to drop out of the 9th grade and get a job in construction to support his family.

Leonardo Redavid & son, Marco

By age 10, Marco was joining his Dad on the road, handing out flyers and supporting his father's dream as he did hairstyling demonstrations at Shoppers Drug Mart with the Volumizer he invented (one of the first on the market).

When you have a dream...

To fund the creation of his product line, Leonardo Redavid sold his prized Datsun 240Z. An amateur racecare driver in his spare time, he won car show after car show and at the time it was the only one in the country. Committed to his dream, Leo sold everything he had to create REDAVID. Virtually penniless, he lived out of the warehouse amongst the boxes. Nevertheless, a 7 year old Marco Redavid has fond memories of the time he spent there with his Dad...munching on Ms. Vickies Salt and Vinegar chips.

A Family Business

After becoming Canada’s most celebrated stylist and platform artist, over 40 years have passed. Leonardo Redavid achieved a lifelong goal to have his son Marco join him in business. A simple legacy: family, love and hair.


Since 1990, Leonardo Redavid, an internationally known master stylist, has been using his expert knowledge and personal passion to design products that promote faster growing, stronger, healthier, shinier, salon-perfect hair for women and men. REDAVID Salon Products are a complete hair care and styling line of naturally sourced, BC-developed and manufactured products. Only REDAVID offers the powerful combination of salon expertise, elements that pamper, and the miracle ingredient, Dynagen™.